Collection Nocturne

The collection Nacturne is inspired by German's Romanticism through paintings and music. Going deeply through the movement connecting music, paintings and literature with indissoluble relationship collection has transported into one new contemporary vision of this unique, undefined period of total form and free exspressions of the feelings of the artist. The importance of the Romanticism placed on untrammelled feeling is summed up in the remark of the German painting Caspar David Friedrich according to whom ˝the artist's feeling is his law˝. To Johann Wolfang Von Goethe poety shold be a sponteneous overflow of powerful feelings. Validated strong emotion becomes an authentic source of music especially for Nacturne which is experianced by the sublimity of nature and it's picturesque qualities confranting saddness of love, longing for the unbounded and indefinable, for perpertul movement and change, and effort to return to the forgotten sources of life. If we transform painting and literature into music it will echo as a musical form of Nacturne.